By Aparna Nori

Lower Gallery, Objectifs
17 Aug to 31 Aug 2022
Free Admission

Opening: Wed 17 Aug, 12pm – 9pm (Extended hours)
Artist Talk with Aparna Nori: Fri 19 Aug, 7.30pm | Venue: Objectifs Workshop Space (RSVP via this link)

“In a world where there is a growing appreciation for all processes handcrafted and homespun, the dark room yet again becomes a place of mystique and intrigue. Artists entering with a strong sense of conviction and direction about their work often emerge from its dark lairs laced with philosophical undertones that change the way they look at their own work. It is a necessary moulting of hardened ideas, shedding of preconceived notions and tensions, and the possibility of a new light to observe their work with. The dark room is a critical tool of this metamorphosis.

Having begun her practice in the analog era, Aparna Nori begins her second and exciting tryst with the dark room on a completely different level. Not only has she turned to photographic processes that are much older (some one hundred and fifty years old) to play with, but has consciously attempted to create new work and marry it with a process that lends itself to the expression of the story in the most meaningful way.

With her exhibition titled Memory is my Sixth Sense, Aparna presents two bodies of work, both created using the Salted Paper process. In “Nalla Pilla”, the mosaic of her skin and its many folds that hang heavily with the burden of years of slow trauma seem fragile and translucent, yet taut in its tenacity. If one lingers, the mosaic turns into a quiet celebration of the diversity of the tones – not just of the medium, but of her skin that held her together through those times. In the second work that shares the title of the exhibition, the prints depicting the couplet of Rajnigandha flowers, harbour in its visible brush strokes the many shades of emotions that are associated with the memories of her mother. The lines, like tree rings – a visible testimony to the passage of time.”

Vivek Muthuramalingam
Lens based artist & Documentarian

About Aparna Nori
Aparna Nori is a lens based artist living between Singapore and Bangalore, India. Her work is rooted in the personal memory, identity and experiences, her explorations taking form and shape through photographic interventions and narratives. She practices diverse forms of expression with digital and analog image making, alternative photographic processes, moving images and bookmaking.

Along with her artistic practice she works on editorial assignments with magazines and commissioned projects with artists and agencies in India and outside. She, along with three other artists, also forms the artist collective in Bangalore called Kānike.