Held in conjunction with "Like Opening One's Eyes for the First Time"

Interactive “Walk-Shop” with Randy Chan and Marc Nair
Part of Like Opening One’s Eyes for the First Time
Sat 21 May 2022, 4pm to 6.30pm
Meeting Point: Objectifs
Workshop Fee: $15 / participant

2.5h over 1 session

Course Description
Join architect Randy Chan and writer Marc Nair, exhibiting “creative authors” in Like Opening One’s Eyes for the First Time, in this fun and interactive “walk-shop”!

Participants will be introduced to Randy and Marc’s works in this group show that proposes  photography as a node in creative thinking endeavours of various disciplines. They will then embark on a “walk-shop” to a nearby location (about 10 minutes’ walking distance from Objectifs) that ruminates on car parks and other city spaces over a series of short photo-writing exercises.

Join us for an afternoon of exploration and inspiration, as we examine our everyday surroundings with fresh eyes!

  • No prior experience is required for this workshop.
  • Please wear comfortable footwear.
  • Participants are to bring a phone with a camera function.
  • As this workshop will proceed rain or shine, please come prepared! (Drinking water is available at Objectifs, in case you’d like to fill your water bottle here.) 

Workshop Fee


Randy Chan is the Principal of Zarch Collaboratives. His portfolio spans architecture, landscape urbanism, art installations, curation, galleries and exhibitions. His works have received local and international recognition and have been featured in a number of architectural publications with awards.

Marc Nair is a poet and photographer from Singapore. He is a recipient of the Young Artist Award 2016. He has published six solo volumes of poetry and has released another four collections in collaboration with visual artists, photographers and graphic artists: Spomenik (2016), Slide & Tongue (2018), Vital Possessions (2018) and Sightlines (2019).