What makes a photographer tick? Do “the perfect shot” or “the decisive moment” exist? In Image Makers, we uncover the processes and motivations behind internationally renowned photographers from Singapore. Through interviews and reviews of their works, we attempt to get to the heart of the work and their approach to art creation. Image Makers is a project initiated by photographer Tan Ngiap Heng, Objectifs and production house The Creative Room.

I. JOHN CLANG (dir. by Kirsten Tan

II. ROBERT ZHAO RENHUI (dir. Jow Zhi Wei) 

III. CHOW CHEE YONG (dir. by Pok Yue Weng) 

IV. RUSSEL WONG (dir. by Jean Qingwen Loo)

V. TAY KAY CHIN (dir. by Chen-Hsi Wong)

VI. DARREN SOH (dir. by Chai Yee Wei) 

VII. C.S Ling (dir. by Gladys Ng)

VIII. HO HUI MAY (dir. by Liao Jiekai)


We would like to acknowledge the kind support from our crowdfunding donors for the Image Makers campaign. Thank you for being part of Image Makers!