A solo exhibition by Ang Song Nian

Chapel Gallery, Objectifs
24 Nov to 21 Dec 2017
Tues to Sat, 12pm to 7pm / Sun, 12pm to 4pm
Admission is free

Opening Reception: Thur 23 Nov, 7.30pm

As They Grow Older and Wiser marks the debut of a new photographic series and installation work by Singaporean artist Ang Song Nian, presented as part of the artist’s participation in the Bangkok University Gallery’s Artist-in-Residence programme in August 2016.

At the heart of the exhibition is Everything Can Be Measured (2016). This site-specific work comprises six installations created as a response to the artist’s observation on the methods of control instrumented in ways which potted plants, as well as trees – young and old — are being manipulated to fit into the urban landscape of growing cities.

The titular work debuts a series of photographic images in which the artist re-presents the controlled environment of plant nurseries found in the Ongkharak district of Nakhon Nayok in Bangkok, Thailand.

About Ang Song Nian

Ang Song Nian (b. 1983, Singapore) works with materials and traces of human behaviours made visible within landscapes through photographic documentations and installation. He is intrigued by the narration of thoughts and ideologies through visuals and has always favoured a microscopic approach to concepts. He always employs this style to open up details through his practice.