Bring short films to life through sound

Part of Singapore Night Festival 2017
Fri 25 Aug & Sat 26 Aug, 7pm – 9.30pm 

Objectifs Outdoor Courtyard 
Free admission

Experience the magic of Foley by creating your own sound effects to accompany Singapore short films! Guided by sound designers Lim Ting Li and Filipe Paszkiewicz, you’ll be getting hands-on with some of the tips and tricks that Foley sound artists use to bring a film to life.

Come by Objectifs for this special experience! Interested participants will be able to register onsite for a chance at going behind the scenes of filmmaking. Have a go at creating sound effects for the following films:
Cold Noodles by Kirsten Tan
Eclipse by Jerrod Chong
Di by Michael Kam

About Lim Ting Li:

Lim Ting Li is a sound designer, re-recording mixer and foley artist. Her foray into sound for films started in 2004. She has worked on several award winning films including Boo Junfeng’s Sandcastle, Kirsten Tan’s Pop-Aye and Tan Pin Pin’s In Time to Come. She is currently the Director of Sound at Mocha Chai Laboratories.

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