12.5h over 5 sessions

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4 Apr to 2 May 2019, by Jasmine Ng Kin Kia (View Profile)

Course Description
This course suitable for beginners provides a comprehensive introduction to techniques of documentary filmmaking. It focuses on preparation to shoot documentary content and touches on techniques specific to the genre such as lighting and audio considerations. It also offers hands-on experience in practical aspects of filmmaking such as budgeting and marketing, which are highly applicable across a variety of professions. Participants will leave this course with the necessary skills to shoot documentary content for a variety of purposes from documenting events and processes, to material exploring an issue.


• Introduction to documentaries today
• Documentary styles
• Working independently or with an organisation
• Choosing a subject
• Doing research
• Is your topic interesting enough?
• Committing to an issue
> In-class assignment: writing an outline
• Ethics
• Framing the project
• Setting a schedule
• Asking the right questions
• Interviewing techniques
> In-class assignment: Shooting interviews and review
• Lighting and audio considerations in various documentary scenarios
• Technical choices of lenses, shot sizes, and lighting
• Using natural light and maximising its effect
> Hands-on workshop with instructor (practise interviewing and indoor lighting)
• Problem solving: when you reach a dead end with your topic
• Budgeting
• Funding possibilities and sponsorship
• Working in a challenging environment
• Permits and rights clearances to be aware of
> In-class assignment: Present topic and general outline
• Festivals
• Marketing
> In-class assignment: present a promo clip or poster of your project to the class

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4 Apr to 2 May 2019 by Jasmine Ng Kin Kia
This workshop takes place over five sessions as follows totalling 12.5h of instruction time.

#1 Thurs 4 Apr 7.30pm – 10pm
#2 Thurs 11 Apr 7.30pm – 10pm
#3 Thurs 18 Apr 7.30pm – 10pm
#4 Thurs 25 Apr 7.30pm – 10pm
#5 Thurs 2 May 7.30pm – 10pm