For those who aspire to be filmmakers, this workshop gives you a head start as you learn how to plan, direct, shoot and edit a short film.

6 sessions + Final Screening

Proficiency Level

Course Description 
Digital Filmmaking is an introduction to the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking for first-time filmmakers. Participants will learn storyboarding, creating a shooting script, production management, casting, directing, working on a crew, cinematography, lighting, sound and finally editing. The workshop includes on-location hands-on camera work and consultation, as participants work together in teams to complete individual short films. We will also review examples of different genres of films, including narrative, documentary and experimental, drawing inspiration from short films and features made locally and internationally.

Participants will use Sony cameras and Adobe Premiere Pro CC editing software in this class.

There will be a screening of films by the class which is open to friends and family at the end of the workshop.

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Workshop Fee

This workshop is eligible for use of SkillsFuture Credit.

Ric Aw, Pok Yue Weng & Wong Kin Ching, Daniel Hui
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Next Dates

1. Tue, 2 Jul, 7.30pm to 10pm
2. Tue, 9 Jul, 7.30pm to 10pm
3. Tue, 16 Jul, 7pm to 10pm
4. Tue, 23 Jul, 7pm to 10pm
5. Sat, 27 Jul, 9am to 5pm (full day shoot)
6. Sat, 10 Aug, 9am to 3pm (editing)
7. Screening: Thu, 21 Nov, 7.30pm

1. Thu, 19 Sep, 7.30pm to 10pm
2. Thu, 26 Sep, 7.30pm to 10pm
3. Thu, 3 Oct, 7pm to 10pm
4. Thu, 10 Oct, 7pm to 10pm
5. Sat, 12 Oct, 9am to 5pm (full day shoot)
6. Sat, 2 Nov, 9am to 3pm (editing)
7. Screening: Thu, 21 Nov, 7.30pm

Course Overview

Session 1: Introduction to filmmaking
• The basis of filmmaking: Storytelling
• Imagery: Still and moving images
• Pre-production / production / post-production
• Introduction to crew and their roles and responsibilities
• Overview of scriptwriting
• Visualising / storyboarding
Session 2: Conceptualising your film
• Pre-production: Script / casting / location / sets / wardrobe / scheduling
• In-class discussion and project time
• Director’s craft: interpreting a script and planning for actors
• Preparing an action plan
Session 3: HD Camera Practical
• Camera handling
• Composition and framing
• Visual aesthetics
Session 4: HD Camera Practical
• Basic sound and lighting
• Finalising pre-production plans for shoot
• In-class practice shoot
Session 5: Half-day Production and Consultation
• Participants will work in groups to shoot their individual films, taking turns to assist one another
Session 6: Editing
• Introduction to the concept of editing
• Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro CC
• Basic editing tools
• Digitising your footage
• Art of editing
• Advanced editing tools
• Basic sound editing
• Using music
• Video filters and effects
• Adding titles
• Basic colour correction
• Outputting your film
Showcase Time: Class Screening
• Format: In-person
Participants are welcomed to invite friends and family to attend the screening.

None. Participants will have access to use a prosumer HD camera and audio equipment on loan from Objectifs for their shoots, with free access to our digital lab (subject to availability and selected timeslots) to edit their films on Adobe Premiere Pro CC during the workshop.

Please note:
This is a very hands-on workshop. Participants’ learning will be most effective if they are able to make all (or most) of the sessions, and will be able to shoot their short films during the period indicated in the schedule below.

As the workshop is repeated several times a year, participants may wish to register for a future round if they already know they may miss several lessons during this period. Make-up lessons and refunds are not offered for sessions missed.

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