8 Nov to 16 Dec 2023
Courtyard, Objectifs
Free admission

Featuring works by students of Pathlight School

Photographers: Ang Yi Han, Maximillian Damien | Ang Zhen Xun Kendrick | Dylan Thomas Yeo | Eshmael Ishuwady Bin Abdul Aleem | Goh Tian Yu Austin | Jerome Ng Heng Fong | Joanne Wong Jing Min | Joel Yeo Zong Yan | Lee Brandon | Lee Regine | Ling Wen Yan Jovan | Tan Guan Qi

Instructors: Marvin Tang, Marc Chu Meng Hong, Lee Yong Ler Noah, Oh Zhi Yi Eunice, and Janel Teo Wee Teng

Special Thanks to: Ms Claire Ann Lois Abraham, Ms Yeo Shuping Dawn, Mr Tan Heng Huat Dominic, Ms Choo Hwee San, and Mr Tan Seng Kiong

Crossing Paths is a pop-up photography exhibition by the student photographers of Pathlight School exploring the people, spaces, and things that define their school experiences, shedding light on the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Through a year-long workshop, students from Pathlight School explored various photographic skills, resulting in the creation of these images.

We hope the chance encounter with this collection of images puts a spotlight on their everyday encounters, unveiling the stories of growth, learning, and relationships forged from their time in school and celebrating the diverse narratives that form the heart of the Pathlight School community.