Creating Narratives: Editing and Sequencing Photographs

16h over 4 sessions

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Course Description
Are you interested in creating different narratives by selecting, sequencing, and juxtaposing photographs? Are you curious about the thought process behind the selection and layout of photographs for an editorial spread, a photo book, and/or an exhibition?

Through short lectures and hands-on practice, this four-session workshop is ideal for participants who are interested to acquire the aforementioned skills to express themselves and tell stories through photographs. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of the five-picture edit and be guided to deconstruct the template according to their needs.

If you have an existing body of work, you could use the workshop as a starting point for crafting a photographic narrative that aligns with a certain presentation mode (e.g. photo book, exhibition etc.). If you do not have an existing body of work, you can also attend the workshop to learn the skills of editing and sequencing; sample works will be provided during the hands-on sessions.

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Zhuang Wubin
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Next Dates

1. Sat, 25 May, 1 to 5pm
2. Sat, 1 Jun, 1 to 5pm
3. Sat, 8 Jun, 1 to 5pm
4. Sat, 15 Jun, 1 to 5pm

Course Overview

Session 1
• Introduction to the five-picture edit
• How to apply the logic behind the five-picture edit to newspaper and editorial work
• Practical: Creating your first five-picture edit
Session 2
• Deconstructing the logic behind the five-picture edit
• Keeping the editing process for a longer body of work in mind
• Developing different ways to edit works according to artistic statements and intended styles of presentation/delivery
• Practical: Creating the first draft edit of your work through collaboration
Session 3
• Delving into the mechanics of editing and creating a photo book
• Detailing the differences in editing for editorial spreads, photo books, online portfolios, slideshow presentations, and print exhibitions
• Practical: Creating the first draft edit of your work through collaboration (continued)
Session 4
• Practical: Wrapping up and consolidating your draft edit through collaboration
• Presentation and feedback
• Q&A
• What next?

Technical Requirements
Basic photography proficiency will be helpful. Participants may shoot with a smartphone but the use of a DSLR or mirrorless camera is encouraged if possible and accessible, as it allows for a greater range of technical possibilities.

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