7.5h over 3 sessions

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11 to 18 Oct 2018, by Sharon Loh (View Profile)

Course Description
This course suitable for beginners provides a comprehensive introduction to the art of cinematography. It introduces cinematography through examples of films and covers relevant camera handling techniques. It focuses not only on practical pre-production aspects such as shots breakdown with reference to the script and location recce, but also gives participants the opportunity to learn basic lighting techniques.

Participants will leave this course with a thorough elementary understanding of how to operate cameras and lights, and will be able to make informed decisions to achieve the desired moods for their shots. These skills are not only useful to filmmakers but to anyone seeking to produce quality videos or even photographs to document an event, promote products or present a creative project.


• What is cinematography?
• Reviewing short film clips to understand how good cinematography can carry the film
• Understanding the technical aspects of the camera
• Shots breakdown: interpreting the script and discussion of ideas for shooting the script
• Technical scout for location recce
• Introduction to lighting
• Demonstration on using lights to create different moods and atmospheres
• Hands-on practice and discussion

Workshop Fee

11 to 18 Oct by Sharon Loh

This workshop takes place over three sessions as follows totalling 7.5h of instruction time.

#1 Thurs 11 Oct 7.30pm to 10pm
#2 Sat 13 Oct 1pm to 3.30pm
#3 Thurs 18 Oct 7.30pm to 10pm