Learn to stitch and bind your own books in this highly hands-on workshop.

3h over 1 session

Date & Time
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Course Description

The traditional practice of bookbinding by hand continues to be an important process undertaken during the putting together of certain artistic forms, such as photo books.

Open to all individuals, this workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to experience the intimate process of crafting and stitching their own books while ruminating on the purposeful intention of the act.

Participants will learn a few different bookbinding techniques by the end of this workshop: the 3 hole pamphlet binding, 7 hole pamphlet binding, 4 hole stab-binding, and noble binding.

All participants will also receive a bookbinding tool kit that they will get to take home, along with the end product(s) which they create during the session.

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Workshop fee

Aparna Nori

None. All materials will be provided for this workshop. Participants will each be provided a bookbinding tool kit that they can bring home.

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About the instructor
Aparna Nori is a lens based artist living between Singapore and Bangalore, India. Her work is rooted in the personal memory, identity, and experiences, with her explorations taking form and shape through photographic interventions and narratives. She practises diverse forms of expression with digital and analog image making, alternative photographic processes, moving images, and bookmaking.

Along with her artistic practice, she works on editorial assignments with magazines and commissioned projects with artists and agencies in and out of India. Along with three other artists, Aparna also forms the artist collective in Bangalore called Kānike.