Views of the backs of lorries, and other moments of fleeting intimacy

By Labour Arty
Photographers: Abigail Han, Gaelan Gu, Lisabelle Tay & Harriet Koh
Lower Gallery, Objectifs
21 Jul to 5 Aug 2018
Tues to Sat, 12pm to 7pm / Sun, 12pm to 4pm
Opening Reception: Sat 21 Jul, 4pm
Free admission 

Blind Spots is a photography project by Labour Arty that aims to document the everyday common spaces and places shared by migrant workers and locals. These scenes are often seen but not noticed, and offer momentary glimpses of intimacy and interaction that are laid bare, though at times not by choice.

The works featured in this exhibition include snapshots of the back of lorries that carry humans as cargo, as well as selections from partner projects.

About Labour Arty
Labour Arty is a group of passionate individuals based in Singapore who are devoted to bridging communities and cultures through various art forms. Their vision is to move “from awareness to appreciation for migrant communities in Singapore”. Labour Arty tells meaningful stories using various mediums such as photography, fiction and digital journalism. They aim to complement the work being done by organisations that promote inclusivity and enhance the well-being of migrant workers.

The photographers exhibiting in Blind Spot are Abigail Han, Gaelan Gu, Lisabelle Tay and Harriet Koh.