Noise Art Mentorship Showcase (Photography & Moving Images)

Objectifs, Centre 42, The Theatre Practice
16 February to 12 March 2017
Tue to Sat, 12pm to 7pm / Sun, 12pm to 4pm
Opening Reception: 16 February (Thurs), 7pm

Artist Talks, starting at Objectifs
18 February, 1pm: Quince Pan, Louisa Violet Ong, Gaby Jeyaseelan, Kae Yuan, Christopher Wong
25 February, 1pm: Ang Siew Ching, Benita Leong, Alexandria Neoh, Lu Yixin

Between Home and Home presents a fresh look at Singapore through the eyes of fourteen young artists working in photography and film. Ranging from meditations on the urban landscape to intimate portraits, these works explore notions of identity, place, and relationships, creating visual stories that articulate conversations with space and community. With subjects running the gamut from the skateboarding community in Singapore to the neon lights of video arcades, Between Home and Home signals a youthful communing with personal memory and experience, and a search for self and belonging.

The works in this exhibition are an outcome of the Noise Art Mentorship, which ran from June to December 2016, pairing artists with established professionals working in the arts. The mentors for the programme are Ang Song Nian, Edwin Koo, Jean Qingwen Loo, Liao Jiekai, and Roy Zhang.

ngaiqingadar_loresThe Light Went Out
Adar Ng

benitaleong_loresc/ease to exist
Benita Leong

ang-siew-ching_loresLandscape in the Year X
Ang Siew Ching

christopherwong_loresThe Act of Loneliness
Christopher Wong

Debbie Yew

gabyjeyaseelan_loresHome Ground
Gaby Jeyaseelan

kaeyuan_loresIt Happens At Night
Kae Yuan

Louisa Violet Ong

Lu Yixin

Alexandria Neoh

carlagabrielacitradewi_loresThe air is the ground I turn to
Carla Gabriela

donovanquek_loresFrom the Back, 2016
Donovan Quek

Quince Pan

sim-chong-yew-valance_loresProtagonist’s Antagonism
Valence Sim


An initiative of the National Arts Council, Noise Singapore is dedicated to making noise about the creative talent of young people aged 35 and below. Through numerous platforms to express, develop and showcase their creativity, Noise Singapore hopes to encourage young people to actively participate in and nurture their relationship with the arts. Since 2005, thousands of young people have benefited from Noise Singapore’s exhibitions, concerts, mentorship programmes, workshops, talks and arts activities that focus on providing a meaningful arts experience.