An exhibition featuring the alternate creative passions of advertising professionals, from art directors to copywriters, strategists to producers.

7 Oct – 15 Oct 2023
Lower Gallery 1, Objectifs
Free admission

Participating artists:
Angus Hunter, Arcs of Stellar, Athirah Nazzuin, Auraya Pongpradit, bernice gaspar, Bryan Yu, Cherry Chan, Cynthia Luo, Edrick Tan, Elsie Loh, Hannah Teo, Isaac Ong, JT Tang, Kapilan Naidu, Kar Men Lee, Kessie Zheng, Nasrul Haqqim, Olga Bessarab, Zoe Raras-Ong

Opening | Fri 6 Oct, 7pm – 9pm (Private Event)

Each day, advertising professionals immerse themselves in a world filled with brand guidelines, client briefs and targeted messaging. While these constraints can sometimes be a canvas for ingenuity, their own voices often take a backseat in the process.

The contemporary landscape of advertising demands a unique meld of discipline and creativity, often making the professionals straddle the line between art and commerce. While their day jobs might constrain their visions to fit within brand boxes, alt_tab provides an uninhibited space for these talented individuals—ranging from art directors to copywriters, from strategists to producers—to unveil their alternate creative passions.

Here, without the overhead of market demands or client feedback, each piece stands as a testament to raw, untamed creativity—a side of these professionals that seldom sees the light.

alt_tab draws a clear line between the world of structured advertising and the realm of free expression. Think of it as a refreshing pause, a switch from the professional to the personal, a rare glimpse into the alternate creative dimensions of those who shape our media landscapes.

Join us, as we toggle between these worlds, celebrating the duality and depth of artists who beautifully bridge their professional obligations with personal aspirations.