A solo exhibition by Ang Siew Ching

Lower Gallery, Objectifs
17 to 27 Apr 2019
Tues to Sat, 12pm to 7pm / Sun 12pm to 4pm
Free admission 

Opening Reception: Tues 16 Apr, 7pm to 9pm
Featuring a performance by The Artists Company from 7.45pm to 8.15pm
Exhibition Talk: Sat 20 Apr, 2pm to 2.45pm
Free admission, RSVP via Peatix here
Collage Workshop: Sat 20 Apr, 3.30pm to 5pm
Free admission, register via Peatix here

Since the times of industrialisation, manual work has been conceived according to the rhythm of the machine. Material production is divided into segments to facilitate automation. Labour is measured in terms of speed and efficiency and man has continued to adapt to the speed and rhythms of the machine. The outcomes are as various as friendly competition with machines, self-mechanisation of our actions and bodily rhythms, fear of losing jobs to machines and the assertion of our complete difference from machines. 

Allegories of Labour is an exhibition that explores the boundaries between man and machine in the workplace. What forms do machine and human interaction take? To what extent do we see ourselves as machines? The manipulations in the video take off from the above questions to consider the human condition in being surrounded by machines. 

Exhibition Talk: Allegories of Labour – on Man-Machine Relations from the Perspectives of Art and Science: Sat 20 Apr, 2pm to 2.45pm
Objectifs Workshop Space | RSVP via Peatix here
This talk is jointly presented by artist Ang Siew Ching and Dr Chen Weiqiang, who pursued his Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics specialised in wavelets, sparse coding and optimisation techniques for image and signal processing.

They will discuss man-machine relations from the aesthetic and technical points of view, with focus on locating the time and experience of humans amidst a landscape of machines.

Collage Workshop: Sat 20 Apr, 3.30pm to 5pm
Objectifs Workshop Space | Register via Peatix here
This workshop led by artist and educator Ang Siew Ching seeks to uncover the gaps between public representations and private imaginations of work. Collages produced during the workshop will be displayed in the Lower Gallery for the remaining duration of the Allegories of Labour exhibition.

Materials will be provided for workshop; participants are welcome to bring their own print material too. This is a free workshop. Save a seat via Peatix.

Ang Siew Ching
Ang Siew Ching is an artist and educator. She uses photography and the moving image to investigate contemporary life, with particular interest in the ways we “live, work and play”.

Supported by Noise Singapore