A solo exhibition by Ang Siew Ching

Lower Gallery, Objectifs
17 to 27 Apr 2019
Tues to Sat, 12pm to 7pm / Sun 12pm to 4pm
Free admission 

Opening Reception: Tues 16 Apr, 7pm
Artist Talk: Details forthcoming

In our age of labour, management strategies are conceived through the metaphor of the machine. Corporations are expected to run like well-oiled machines. Material production is divided into segments to facilitate automation. Labour is measured in terms of speed and efficiency. Man is increasingly managed as machine. Allegories of Labour considers labour in terms of the relationship between man and machine Рtheir similarities and liminality.

The works in this exhibition take off from this metaphor of the machine, to probe the depths of its infiltration, beginning with some man-machines most familiar to our everyday lives: the Coffee Shop Machine, the Plant Maintenance Machine, the Material Production Machine and the Cleaning Machine. These man-machines present a state of self-management as they go about their tasks, demonstrating awareness of their role within the production process. Suspended within the narrow filmic space, the absorbed state of the subjects suggests no more need for the panopticon.