One year and more. Objects by 16 artists and designers.

A project by Yvonne Tham/ampulets
2 to 18 December 2022
Lower Gallery, Objectifs
Opening reception: Fri, 2 December 2022, 6pm to 9pm. Artists will be present.

If time were an object, what would it be? Amidst one of the many COVID waves, there was a moment I forgot what year we were in. I sat at my desk and wrote a note to try and locate time. The note became an invitation to artists and designers to play a game with me and imagine, remember, capture, recreate time as an object; time that one could see, touch, hear, feel, wear and hold. The objects later became photography, a book, and an exhibition. 

Artists and designers featured:
Adeline Tan/Mightyellow
Chloe Tan/Usuallyusual
Daisy Toh
Jeanette Adrienne Wee
Kim Choy/Shibui Furniture
Larry Seow
Liang Han Yun
Mabel Annabelle Tan
Mary Bernadette Lee
Nabwong Chuachuwong
Natta Wannapago
Ng Siying/atinymaker
Shing Lee/Argentum
Tan Zi Xi/MessyMsxi
Xinnie Ng and Lim Chiyong/Issho Labo


Photography by Jovian Lim/Offvices
Book design by Jerry Goh/Studio Grain
Project & text by Yvonne Tham/ampulets.

Follow the project and stories of time at IG: @ayearmadeobject