On liberation, care and self-actualisation in relation to domestic space

Concept & Performance by Jereh Leung
In collaboration with Alfonse Chiu, Fellow, Liu Yong Huay, Jing Ng and Tay Ining 

Chapel Gallery, Objectifs
23 and 24 Jul 2021, 11am to 10pm
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Recommended for ages 7+. 10 Daughters has received an Arts Entertainment License from IMDA, and is classified under the “General” rating.

“You have to help me do chores because I have no daughter,” says the artist’s mother, the ninth of 10 daughters. An interdisciplinary presentation weaving installation, sound, lighting and live performance,10 Daughters is a journey of liberation, care and self-actualisation vis-à-vis the context of domestic space.

The presentation temporarily transforms Objectifs’ Chapel Gallery – the site of a former church and an all-girls school — into a vessel holding generations of stories passed down to the artist. Contemplative yet playful, 10 Daughters brings together personal narratives, fiction and impressions from the artist’s memories of growing up in the 80s and 90s. The work invites you to encounter the artist over two days from morning to night; to recollect, repose and revel in a shared space.

10 Daughters is a programme under O, an interdisciplinary project initiated by artist Jereh Leung. The project aims to explore performance within the spatial context of domesticity, and how it is mediated and influenced by East Asian media culture. Drawing from the artist’s childhood experiences and his baby-boomer mother, is a provocation to ruminate on conceptions of domesticity and womanhood across time and generations.


Concept & Performance: Jereh Leung
In collaboration with: Alfonse Chiu, Fellow, Liu Yong Huay, Jing Ng, Tay Ining
Producer: Hoo Kuan Cien
Assistant Producer: Sarah Tang
Supported by: Goethe-Institut Singapore as part of the AUSSICHT Support Fund, Arts Fund, Objectifs, Dance Nucleus
Acknowledgements: The incubation of this project from 2018-2020 was supported by Dance Nucleus, TheatreWorks (renamed T:>Works) and Cinemovement. Special thanks to Chelsea Chua and Valerie-Ann Tan.

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