At Objectifs, we understand that upskilling and acquiring relevant knowledge in the digital media and marketing realm is crucial in today’s competitive corporate landscape. Our highly customisable workshops address myriad organisational needs through training modules on editing software, visual and audio equipment handling, and more.

Helmed by professional and experienced instructors with years of industry expertise, our workshops will ensure that your organisation acquires the intellectual capital needed to get ahead in Singapore’s growing digital economy.

Here are some training workshops that we offer:

Visual Storytelling for Digital Marketing
Visual storytelling through the mediums of photography and video is a compelling way to deliver organisational narratives and messages to your target audiences. With social media playing an increasingly huge role in building brand awareness and trust, an effective digital marketing strategy is heavily reliant on its visual content’s clarity of purpose, as well as complementary and aesthetic design.

Our customisable visual storytelling workshops include a range of modules that will teach participants to ideate, storyboard, script, and create shortform videos or capture impactful images for social media campaigns and site design. We also offer post-production training on the use of Adobe Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and After Effects software to enhance the end product’s ability to evoke a deeper level of audience engagement.

These modules can be held as standalone workshops or combined as a series of workshop sessions.

Event Coverage
Quality documentation of an event cannot do without well-taken photographs and videos that not only aim to memorialise, but also provide visual content for marketing teams by generating a sense of credibility and curiosity about a company.

Our event coverage workshop introduces participants to the planning process required for capturing your event’s inception to its execution, and teaches basic photography and/or videography skills using a DSLR camera, as well as editing skills on Adobe Suite. Participants will also learn how to approach subjects and work with different types of lighting to document essential moments that act as corporate testimonies.

Commissioning Creative Content
In order to successfully commission a corporate film, video, or photography project, it is essential to first understand how to work with other creative minds to build upon your team’s initial ideas and objectives. Learning about the various considerations and steps involved in the production process from planning to activation will ensure that your final creative product meets its conceptualised aims and strategic goals.

Our ‘how-to’ workshop on commissioning creative content from filmmakers, photographers, and/or production houses will equip participants with this knowledge by providing them the opportunity to hear from, and speak to an industry professional. At the same time, participants will be taught skills on writing a creative brief, as well as how to articulate their ideas and communicate effectively within the creative process to obtain desired outcomes.

All our workshops can be specifically tailored to directly meet the needs of your company’s staff or organisation’s members. We also offer specialised workshops, for example, on colour grading, film directing, sound, and lighting. Our workshops can be conducted on Zoom or other online platforms.

For more information, call 6336 2957 or email us to find out what we can do together!

Organisations we have worked with include:

• Accenture
• Barclays Capital
• Bain & Co.
• Borouge
• British High Commission
• Bloomberg LP
• Cathay Photo
• Club Rainbow
• Charles & Keith
• Chinese Development Assistance Council
• Credit Suisse
• Chevron Singapore
• Children’s Cancer Foundation
• Cycle & Carriage
• Dell Singapore
• Futurebrand
• Epson

• Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
• IFF Fragrances
• IFS Capital
• Indian Heritage Centre
• Infineon
• Health Promotion Board
• Health Sciences Authority
• Inst of Chemical & Engineering Sciences
• M1
• MHE-Demag
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Monetary Authority of Singapore
• Ministry of Defence
• Ministry of Education
• Ministry of Manpower
• Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (Muis)
• National Library Board
• Pacific International Lines
• National Museum of Singapore
• National University of Singapore
• NUS Museum
• Panasonic
• People’s Association
• Samsung
• Sembcorp
• Standard Chartered
• Singhealth
• Singapore Exchange
• Singapore Recreation Club
• Singapore Scouts Association
• Singapore Tourism Board
• Singhealth
• Société Générale
• Workforce Development Agency