Through their Eyes [Peace Centre]


Through their Eyes [Peace Centre] is an archival of various promotional faces found in the soon-to-be-demolished Peace Centre and their corresponding points of view. Presented as diptychs, the two-part photographic series engages viewers in a perspective-taking exercise, oscillating between first- and third-person to uncover a curious contradiction.

About Lim Zeharn and Lim Zeherng

Lim Zeharn and Lim Zeherng (b. 1999) are identical artist-twins based in Singapore whose collaborative practice hinges on a mix of absurdist satire, existential inquiry, and an acute interest in the quotidian. Working across photography, design, and installation, they deftly reconfigure familiar objects and socio-cultural icons as sources of wonder, cultivating the viewer to renegotiate their habitual interaction and perception of the world.

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BY Lim Zeharn and Lim Zeherng
YEAR 2023
DETAILS 14.8 x 21 cm
Comb bound, 218 pages

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