The Convert


Like most Thais, June is a Buddhist. She runs a small second-hand clothes shop and works for a magazine in Bangkok. Everything changes when she decides to marry Ake, a devout Muslim man from the southern province of Satul after visiting his hometown for a few days. June converts to Islam, and the couple moves to south Thailand to embark on a new life where she diligently learns to pray, fast, follow the Prophet’s teachings, and above all, believe in a singular God.

This is an intimate feature documentary about a young woman’s courageous transition from one faith to another, from the metropolis of Bangkok to the Islamic South, from a life of predictability to a new one marked by uncertainty.

Product Description

DIRECTOR Panu Aree, Kaweenipon Ketprasit and Kong Rithdee
COUNTRY Thailand
YEAR 2008
GENRE Documentary
DURATION 83 mins
LANGUAGE Thai with English subtitles
DVD FEATURES In Between – a short documentary by Panu Aree, Kaweenipon Ketprasit and Kong Rithdee
Busan International Film Festival
Yamagata Documentary Film Festival
Singapore International Film Festival