The Convert


Like most Thais, June is a Buddhist. She runs a small second-hand clothes shop and works for a magazine in Bangkok. Everything changes when she decides to marry Ake, a devout Muslim man from the southern province of Satul after visiting his hometown for a few days. June converts to Islam, and the couple moves to south Thailand to embark on a new life where she diligently learns to pray, fast, follow the Prophet’s teachings, and above all, believe in a singular God.

This is an intimate feature documentary about a young woman’s courageous transition from one faith to another, from the metropolis of Bangkok to the Islamic South, from a life of predictability to a new one marked by uncertainty.

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DIRECTOR Panu Aree, Kaweenipon Ketprasit and Kong Rithdee
COUNTRY Thailand
YEAR 2008
GENRE Documentary
DURATION 83 mins
LANGUAGE Thai with English subtitles
DVD FEATURES In Between – a short documentary by Panu Aree, Kaweenipon Ketprasit and Kong Rithdee
Busan International Film Festival
Yamagata Documentary Film Festival
Singapore International Film Festival