Stylish buildings, trendy logos, sexy figures, exotic cultures, modern forms, flamboyant fonts and more — explore Yeo Hong Eng’s “lit” collection of vintage advertising that fits on a palm!

With its rectangular and pocket-friendly form, matchboxes plastered with advertisements once offered an affordable and portable means of marketing. This collection of over 350 covers from Singapore—each reproduced true to size—captures the city-state’s colourful modernisation during the 1970s to 1990s. An accompanying essay on the history of matchbox production in Singapore along with seven curated themes reveals the many meanings and cultures emblazoned on each design.

About In Plain Words
In Plain Words consists of two journalism-trained partners who have been researching and producing content about Singapore’s heritage, culture, design and food since 2009.

Based on the needs of each project, we also team up with independent editors, writers, designers and photographers.

About the Singapore Graphic Archives
The Singapore Graphic Archives collects graphic design and document visual cultures from Singapore. The archives was originally founded in 2011 as the Singapore Visual Archive by design writer and researcher Justin Zhuang. It was rebranded in 2016 as the Singapore Graphic Archives to reflect its focus on graphic design. Our collection dates as far as the 1950s, when Singapore began marching towards independence from British colonial rule. A desire to construct a modern nation-state led to the roll out of an ambitious industrialisation drive from which a design industry was born.

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COPUBLISHED BY In Plain Words and Temporary Press for the Singapore Graphic Archives
ESSAYS BY Justin Zhuang and Gideon Kong
DESIGNED BY gideon-jamie
YEAR 2022
DETAILS Soft cover, Perfect bind, 400pp
11cm x 7.5cm
ISBN 978-981-18-4398-3

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