Portrait of Home Postcard Set


Collect this set of five postcards featuring stunning black and white images from Portrait of Home, an exhibition presented by Objectifs that showcases the work of Singaporean photographer Mr Lim Kwong Ling (b.1932). The works in this show depict different facets of home through the photographer’s eyes, from landscapes, to various occupations and industries of the time, to family photos. 

Mr Lim has been an active member of the photographic community in Singapore, leading and promoting exchanges between photographers from Singapore, China, and Southeast Asia. He is one of the founders of the Photo-Art Association of Singapore and has also led the Federation of Asia Photographic Art (FAPA) Conference in Singapore. Mr Lim himself has exhibited at the Singapore Empress Place Museum and the Cultural Palace of Nationalities, Beijing, to high acclaim. Many of his works are also permanently archived in the Singapore National Gallery.

Prints from this exhibition are also available for sale at our physical and online stores.

A book featuring the works of Mr Lim will be launching at Objectifs next year. Email us at to be added to the waitlist.

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COUNTRY Singapore
DIMENSIONS 14.8 cm x 10.8 cm
DETAILS Featuring images by Lim Kwong Ling

Images featured:

    1. Boys Selling Nasi Lemak, Marine Parade, c. 1970s 叫买椰浆饭的男孩,马林百列
    2. Children Playing at Mata Ikan, c. 1960s 海边玩耍的孩子,樟宜
    3. Kampong Boys, c. 1970s 甘榜儿童
    4. Lovers Date Night, Merdeka Bridge, c. 1970 情侣, 独立桥
    5. Mr Lim’s Children Outside Their Home, St. Michael Road, c.1970s


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