Living Pictures – Photography in Southeast Asia Edited by Charmaine Toh


This richly illustrated catalogue examines the power of photography and its mobilisation within systems of knowledge and representation across Southeast Asian societies. Rather than just thinking about what photographs show, Living Pictures explores what photographs do, acknowledging that photographs have lives—they move and they act—and in the process, they affect the world around them. This groundbreaking catalogue accompanies the world’s first-ever survey of the medium’s histories across Southeast Asia, from its earliest beginnings in the 19th century until its diverse contemporary manifestations. It traces the creation, circulation and consumption of photography and how these processes have shaped the visual regimes of the region, through essays by the Living Pictures curators, interviews with artists and photographers featured in the exhibition, comprehensive plates including never-before published images, and new research by leading international scholars focusing on the interdisciplinary intersections between photography and art history, archaeology and cultural theory.

About the Authors

Charmaine Toh is a Senior Curator at National Gallery Singapore.

Roger Nelson was a former Curator at National Gallery Singapore. Goh Sze Ying is a Curator at National Gallery Singapore.

Kenneth Tay is an Assistant Curator at Singapore Art Museum.

Roy Ng is a Curatorial Assistant at National Gallery Singapore.

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EDITED BY Charmaine Toh
WRITERS Charmaine Toh, Roy Ng, Roger Nelson, Goh Sze Ying, Kenneth Tan, Kevin Chua, Alexander Supartono, Daniel Palmer
PUBLISHER National Gallery Singapore
YEAR 2022
DETAILS 29.5 x 23 cm
Paperback, 384pp
ISBN: 978-981-18-4044-9

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