Hong Kong is Beautiful Isn’t It [香港美不美?]


HK has long been a tourist spot for Chinese mainlanders. Hong Kong is Beautiful, Isn’t It? Is a photo zine capturing the Chinese tourists behaviour in Hong Kong.

About Chan Long Hei 陳朗熹

Chan Long Hei 陳朗熹 born in 1994, is an independent photographer based in Hong Kong. With a university education background in social policy, he started his career as a photojournalist in 2016 working for different local and international media and companies. He has received several awards locally and internationally in reportage field. Apart from his career, he is now devoted to documenting social phenomenons and personal photo projects.


ZINE COOP is an indie publishing artist collective that promotes zine culture in Hong Kong. It provides support on zine making and distribution, connecting artists with book fairs while serving as a bridge between distros and potential readers.

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BY Chan Long Hei 陳朗熹
YEAR 2019
DETAILS Softcover, 49pp
Saddle-stitch binding, digital print on gloss paper
14.8 × 21 cm, 100 copies
LANGUAGE Chinese and English

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