Eat to Live Wartime Recipes


Eat to Live:Wartime Recipes is a documentary series about the resilience and culinary creativity of Singaporeans during wartime. This series is commissioned by the National Museum of Singapore and distributed by Objectifs Films.

The aching sensation of hunger was such a common experience during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore that it continues to persistently linger in the memories of the generation who lived through the occupation. These memories speak of the trauma of food scarcity, but they also reveal the ingenuity and resilience of a nation who had to adapt and make do with the little that they had.

Through personal testimonies, commentaries by scholars and experts, and rare oral recordings and archival photographs, Eat to Live: Wartime Recipes explores the historical circumstances revolving the search for food during one of the most difficult periods of Singapore’s history.

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DIRECTOR Gozde and Russel Zehnder
COUNTRY Singapore
YEAR 2013
GENRE Documentary
DURATION 109 mins
LANGUAGE English and various languages with English and Mandarin subtitles
DVD FEATURES Bonus video of Singapore’s home-grown classical guitarist Alex Abisheganaden performing 2 songs