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Jason Wee’s Commonplace is inspired by Arthur Yap’s poetry, as well as the furtive, coded, partially hidden walks, postures and other moves that some men make in order to claim and revise the public orientations of urban spaces as their own private grounds. He says, ‘I think of this as a choreography, a syntax, and I am interested in the ways that photographs might help plot this syntax. I am also interested in these men’s secrets, their anonymous, libidinous maps’.

Features a keynote essay by Victorine Grataloup, (translated by Daniel Selig), Bondy BridgeAn “Outsider’s” View on Jason Wee’s Photographic Project. 

About Jason Wee

Jason Wee is an artist, writer and curator working between contemporary art, architecture, poetry and photography. His decades-long art practice often contends with sources of singular authority by exposing alternative readings that favour polyphony and difference. In this way, he transforms histories and spaces that have been viewed through a single lens into visual and written materials that expose their secrets and their futures, their idealisms and their conundrums.

Particularly interested in Asia / Southeast Asia, Jason spends time investigating complexities especially of urban development but, importantly, his practice often circles back to the notion of personal empowerment. He has exhibited widely in Singapore and abroad. He also founded Grey Projects, a gallery, publisher and exchange programme in Singapore.

About Exactly Foundation

Exactly Foundation is a not-for-profit, trademarked registered label established by Li Li Chung to commission photographers to create works that stimulate discussion of social concerns in Singapore. Its goal is to produce new knowledge by having viewers engage with the photographs and share them with friends and family over a 2-3 month period.

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BY Jason Wee and the Exactly Foundation
YEAR 2019
DETAILS Paperback, sale-stitched, 2 sections bound by belly band, 76pp
21cm x 29.7cm

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