CAKE CUTTING zine by Kaamna Patel


Cake cutting is a global phenomenon synonymous with celebration, particularly birthdays and anniversaries. With roots dating back to classical Roman culture, the practice was later popularised by German bakeries as a Kinderfest tradition. In our present time however, the act of cake cutting can be viewed as a metaphor for imperial policies and communal conflict, for example violent divisions of land or more symbolic forms of division along socio-economic lines.

By examining this practice that is still popular in postcolonial India, the book attempts to expose the inherent hypocrisy behind nationalist narratives that call for authenticity of identity, often placed in opposition to the adoption of Western culture.

The ephemeral archive of the internet, at once a vehicle for misinformation as well as a tool for vigilance and veracity forms the vocabulary of this book, exposing the inconsistencies in the dominant narrative by looking at instances of cake cutting as an unwitting player in political posturing and rumour mongering.

About Kaamna Patel

Kaamna Patel is a visual artist and bookmaker currently based in Mumbai, her home city. After graduating with a degree in English Literature, she began her career as an assistant to fashion photographer Farrokh Chothia in Mumbai. In 2010 she received a scholarship to study photography at Parsons The New School of Design Paris, now called Paris College of Art, where she is currently the ambassador in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East and a member of the Board.

Kaamna launched her publishing imprint JOJO with her book In Today’s News: Alpha Males Women Power in Mumbai in May 2019. JOJO is now present worldwide and has expanded its activities into a photobook library and other peripheral activities related to contemporary lens-based practices, particularly in India.

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