Featuring 50 personal artwork collections by 50 local artists, the group exhibition Artist as Collector, which ran from 22 – 30 Jan 2021 at Gillman Barracksexplored the relationships between the artists and their artistic fellows within the contexts of contemporary art in Singapore. Through archiving the personal and meaningful stories of how an artwork has been acquired by a fellow artist, the exhibition offered a unique view of art about life and highlights the influences between the artists and art communities.

Stories include why artist Gilles Massot acquired the artwork of late Lee Wen as early as in 1996, how artist Lim Soo Ngee was gifted a ceramic artwork by the late Ng Eng Teng after working as his assistant during his younger days, how artist Shirly Koh was attracted to purchase Rifqi Amirul’s test print via Instagram, how artist Lai Yu Tong was gifted a painting by Ryan Lim after supporting him through his 14-day self-isolation, and many more. Meander through the exhibition, read the narratives behind the scenes and discover lesser-known pieces and new aspects of artists’ lives. Parallel to the exhibition, there will be tours and a talk that explores deeply personal and revealing stories behind the collections.

Artist as Collector was presented by Comma Space 逗号空间, curated by Dr. Wang Ruobing

About Wang Ruobing
Wang Ruobing is an artist, independent curator and art educator based in Singapore. She received her PhD from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. She was previously a curator at the National Gallery Singapore. At present, she works as a lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts and is the co-founder of Comma Space 逗号空间: an artist-run experimental art space that creates thinking spaces between commas. As an independent curator, her recent curated exhibitions include 12 SOLO (2020 -2021, ongoing); Arts in Your Neighbourhood (Public Art Trust 2018 and 2019); Happens When Nothing Happens (The Esplanade, 2019); Of Other Places (The Substation, 2019); and Beneath Tide, Running Forest (Singapore Botanic Gardens, 2018).

As an academic, her research concentrates on identity, hybridity and transcultural discourses, particularly on contemporary art in China and Southeast Asia. Her writings have appeared in publications such as Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art (JCCA), Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Nanyang Art and a range of exhibition catalogues. Wang’s artistic work spans across a variety of methods and approaches, including drawing, film, photography, sculpture and installation. Concerned with challenging and exploring different ways of seeing everyday objects and urban landscapes in relation to the rapidly changing world of today, Wang creates artworks that actively disrupt perception and spotlight on the anthropological nature of objects. Wang has exhibited extensively, with solo and group shows showcased both locally and abroad.

About Comma Space
Comma Space 逗号空间 is an artist-run experimental space that creates thinking spaces between commas.

Referring to the comma’s functionality of separating, setting off phrases, expressing contrast, Comma Space 逗号空间 plans to be a hub for creativity and criticism, bonding with people from different backgrounds, and reaching out to the local communities, and demonstrates ways in which art is vital as part of society.

Comma Space 逗号空间 makes art, curates exhibitions, commissions projects, generates and applies research, and supports contemporary artists locally, regionally and internationally.

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EDITORS  Wang Ruobing and Sheryl Lee
PUBLISHER Comma Space 逗号空间
YEAR 2021
DETAILS 19cm x 13.5cm, 123pp

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