ADVERBIA (zine) by Dwi Asrul Fajar


The photographs of everyday objects that might usually go unnoticed, enigmatic portraits of friends and strangers, as well as observed situations in built environments convey a sense of uncanniness. This body of work was started when Dwi Asrul Fajar moved to Jakarta in 2011 from his hometown in East Java. During this period of adjustment, the camera became a tool to navigate his new environment, and as a coping mechanism to make sense of personal events and feelings. This series collects the in-between moments of daily life and transforms it into something surreal yet ambiguous.

Mapping disparate moments through images, the project presents photographs taken out of context to weave an open ended dialogue. The two publications within the work can either be viewed individually or be unfolded into one another, allowing for new readings of the spreads.

About Dwi Asrul Fajar

Dwi Asrul Fajar is an Indonesian photographer currently living in Jakarta. He uses photography as a medium to explore the psychological unknown, as well as his own reality and environment. He experiments with the photograph as a physical document, analyzing its visual layers and narratives.

About Nope Fun

Nope Fun is an independent publisher and platform based in Singapore focusing on photography and contemporary image making.

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BY Dwi Asrul Fajar
YEAR First edition of 50, 2021
DETAILS 64 pages, full colour
18cm x 11cm
Soft Cover: 170gsm (Maple White)
Body: 100gsm (Maple White)

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