A Yellow Bird


After years behind bars, freshly released Siva Sudhakar, a 38-year-old Singaporean Indian man, faces a hostile homecoming and is alienated from his family. Now an urban vagabond, Siva embarks on a quest to track down people from his life before prison, seeking to right the wrongs of his past. In his lonely journey, he finds a kindred spirit in Chen Chen, also an isolated spirit with whom he forms a connection.

Just as Siva begins to find solace and hope, he is confronted with the heinous truth of his ex-wife and daughter’s whereabouts and circumstances. How far will he go in order to redeem himself from his guilt?

A Yellow Bird (2016), was awarded the New Talent Feature Grant by the Singapore Film Commission and premiered in competition at the 55th Critics Week, Cannes Film Festival 2016. It was in competition at the 27th Singapore International Film Festival in 2016 and was awarded Best Film at the ASEAN Film Awards in 2017.

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DIRECTOR K. Rajagopal
COUNTRY Singapore, France
YEAR 2016
GENRE Drama, rated M18
DURATION 112 mins
LANGUAGE Tamil, Mandarin, English, Hokkien with English subtitles
DVD FEATURES The Flame (a short film by K. Rajagopal)

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