A BASTARD SON by Brian Sergio


Manila-based photographer Brian Sergio’s photo book A Bastard Son collects his raw, energetic street and portrait photography shot in his home country, the Philippines.

Concentrating on the excesses and perils of the younger generations, Sergio’s signature black-and-white image editing adds an extra element of dirtiness and grime to his scenes and lends the views he captured an almost surrealistic atmosphere.

“These pictures are shot with an eye so tuned to its environment that they allow the viewer to practically create an entire novel around them. We desire – even need – to know more. A face, captured in a second, becomes a companion to be remembered for life.”
— from Robin Titchener’s afterword

About Brian Sergio 

Brian Sergio (Filipino, b.1980) is a Photographer, Painter, and Graphic Designer. He studied painting at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts in 2002. Trained as a painter and a conceptual artist, he had a few local group exhibitions between 2000 to 2008 and worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in a couple of advertising firms, before deciding to focus on Photography full-time. His solo exhibitions as a photographer includes ‘Pak!’ (2014) at Galerie Astra, in Makati and ‘Kidultery’ (2011) at West Gallery in Quezon City, Philippines.

Sergio’s work has often been described as raw, transgressive, and irreverent. His method has always been about energy and movement; taking a gamble, getting involved, and going with the flow without diffidence.

In 2017, He released his 1st book called “Pak” published by Dienacht Publishing. The book was based on a collective rebellion against inhibitions and acceptable behaviour, an attempt to expose the world behind the façade that most Filipinos
aspire to.

Sergio currently lives and works in Manila, Philippines.

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BY Brian Sergio
YEAR 2018
DETAILS Clothbound hardcover
22.5cm × 31 cm, 96ppLimited signed copies by the photographer.

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