Learn the fundamentals of scriptwriting and work towards a short and long synopsis for your short film.

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6 online sessions

Course Description
The journey to a successful short film starts with a great story — or in film terms, a great synopsis. What are the story’s message and themes? What is the world of the story like, and who is the protagonist carrying all of this?

Designed for the aspiring short film-maker with little or no prior experience, or a writer / filmmaker who is simply looking for new or refreshed perspectives, this online workshop by Li Lin Wee, one of Singapore’s pioneer female filmmakers and a well-regarded educator, will dive deep into breaking down what makes a good short film story.

Over the course of six highly interactive online sessions, participants will learn how to build upon the thesis or message of their short film and develop all the key elements to make it a compelling story with an interesting protagonist. Through lectures, exercises, discussions and short film screenings, participants will learn how to structure a coherent short and long synopsis and realise how this is essential in shaping and preparing for the next step: the screenplay.

In addition to this rare opportunity for even beginners to learn from a veteran filmmaker and highly experienced educator in Singapore, participants will also get to attend a bonus screening of Li Lin’s short films and hear from her about her journey and growth as a filmmaker, and will have access to a private online community where they can share resources, ask questions, offer feedback, support each other and be in touch with Li Lin as they embark on their scriptwriting journeys together.

At the end of the workshop, which is intended to be the first of two parts, each participant will have a completed short and long synopsis of their short film idea and receive feedback from the instructor, which provides a solid foundation from which to write their script.

Hear from Li Lin’s past students:

“Studying screenwriting under Li Lin was a vivid, luminous part of my undergraduate studies. Not only did that help form the basics of storytelling I’ve adhered to in my writing career, learning from her never stopped within the confines of the classroom. Years later, she’s still one of my inspirations.”

Nessa Anwar, Multimedia Journalist at CNBC International

“Li Lin’s class at NTU was my first formal education in screenwriting. Her lessons were engaging and she always created a safe and nurturing environment for us to find our voices in the stories we told. Her class had sparked my interest in writing and I feel very fortunate to have been taught and mentored by her.”

Shoki Lin, director, writer and cinematographer

Workshop Fee

Li Lin Wee (View Profile)

Next Dates

1. Tues 3 Aug
2. Tues 10 Aug
3. Tues 17 Aug
4. Tues 24 Aug
5. Tues 31 Aug
One week break for participants to work further on their final deliverables.
6. Tues 14 Sep
All from 7pm to 10pm


• Building stories around compelling characters ie Who is our protagonist?
• The world of the protagonist
• Goals and conflicts faced by the protagonist
• What is the message the protagonist is trying to tell us?
• Screening of short film and discussion
• Assignment
• Presentations by students and discussions
• Screening of short film and discussion
• Presentations by students and discussions
• Screening of short film and discussion
• Crafting long and short synopses
• Assignment – long and short synopses

• Presentations by students and discussions
• Presentations by students and discussions
• Presentation and review of participants’ long synopses

Pre-requisites: None

Technical requirements:
Please note this workshop will take place entirely online, in English, and will be delivered via Zoom. Participants will require:

  • Proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Stable internet access
  • A device with audio and video capabilities (it is recommended to access the course materials from a laptop / desktop / tablet rather than a smartphone in order to view the course content, including images, more clearly)
  • Zoom
  • Access to Facebook to join a private Facebook group for workshop participants to interact with each other.