Learn about textile printing while participating in a discussion about the intimate relationship between female bodies and fabric adornment.

Held in conjunction with Women in Film and Photography 2023

2h over 1 session

Date & Time
Sat 21 Oct, 2pm to 4pm

Objectifs Workshop Space

Course Description
Block printing on textile typically entails the stamping of a block doused in ink or paint onto fabric.

In this workshop, participants will get the opportunity to hear artist Sunaina Bhalla share her artistic process, methods, and impetus behind her work, Sharps and Such, which will be exhibited at the Objectifs Women in Film and Photography Showcase 2023. They will get the chance to hear more about her decision as a cancer survivor in using repetitive woodblock prints of her ultrasound scans to reflect the transformative process that her body has undergone after medical treatment, along with the shadows and fear that linger.

Participants will also get to try their hand at woodblock printing on fabric while taking part in a discussion about the use of fabric and print in relation to the female body. Participants will get to keep the fabric they work on during the session, which can be used as a scarf etc.

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Workshop fee

Sunaina Bhalla

As the workshop entails working with paints that will stain fabric, participants should dress accordingly, or bring along an apron. All other materials will be provided for this workshop.

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About the instructor
Sunaina Bhalla is a contemporary artist of Indian origin living in Singapore. Educated in India, she moved to Tokyo in the late ‘90s and has spent the last two decades in various parts of North and South Asia. Having completed her formal education as a textile designer specialising in print, she pursued an immersive education in the traditional art form of Nihonga in Japan. She completed her Masters of Fine Arts degree at Goldsmiths University, London and Lasalle College of the Arts.

Sunaina’s work revolves around the repetitive and ritualistic nature of gestures and their traces. She explores the transformative effects of the deliberate infliction of pain on the human body during the curative processes that alleviate disease and decay. By using industrial materials analogous to the fragile nature of the body, juxtaposed with fabric and embroidery, she examines the passage of time and the mark-making that documents this process.

Sunaina has exhibited in Japan, India, Singapore, Europe and the Middle East. Her works are in the permanent collections of the ESSL Museum, Vienna and Mumbai Airports Authority, India, and in various private collections globally.