Women in Photography 2018 Exhibition
Other Stories/Historias Bravas | Karen Miranda Rivadeneira

According to my research, the act of remembering is an unstable and profoundly unreliable process. The more we “remember” an event the more we are likely to change it with time. Departing from this thought, I began questioning the role of photography and its relationship to memory, specifically what it intends to preserve.

Since 2008, I have been working on Other Stories/Historias Bravas, a project where I revisit events from my youth that were never recorded. In this project, I re-stage scenarios taken from my memory and with the collaboration of my immediate family I recreate these memories. I chose to recreate moments that helped shaped my interpretation of the world and my identity. These memories are either connected to local folklore, such as the act of passing an egg around the body to find out what illness the person has, or connected to my own family’s tradition (and sometimes inventions) as praying to the rain or showering with the eldest person to gain wisdom in life.

My intention is to capture these events with the utmost accuracy.

Though, Other Stories is an examination of my personal memories, I draw from my bi-cultural upbringing to explore broader issues such as globalization, migration and women’s relation and myth. These re-enactments, while personal, address situations that are universal, particularly in relation to migration, and women’s issues; as preserving tradition while integrating them with contemporary life. Although, staged, this project is not meant to convey a romanticized vision of my experiences; rather they are meant to provide a means for reflection and a search for truthfulness.

About Karen Miranda Rivadeneira
I am a graduate from the School of Visual Arts in 2005 with a degree in Fine Arts. During that time, I focused on performance art, trance states, and native traditions.

Following these interests I have collaborated with native communities and relatives to create photo based projects. I have worked with the Mam (an indigenous group close to the border with Mexico) in Guatemala, with the Mandaeans (an ethnic between Iraq and Iran) living in Sweden, with the Waoranis in the Amazon, and more recently in the Andean Mountains.

I am interested in digging for psychic gold, in threading personal and collective narratives exploring to explore the peripheries of memory, storytelling, myth and perception to encounter the myriads of ways in which photography can create platforms for diversion and reflection.

Seeing is not always knowing, in the space between presenting realities and representing possibilities meaning gets constructed and construed through past experience, symbols and signs. The indelible impressions caused on the mental landscape through years of religious canonization makes the body forget its basics; we are all made of blood, salt, oil, water and milk. Ultimately, I am interested, in pointing at a form that is subjective, permeable and open-ended.

I have exhibited widely among places The Portrait gallery at the Smithsonian museum in Washington, DC, Queens museum, I have participated in the Musee Quai du Branly biennial and received their artist in residence fellowship in 2017. I have participated in 2 NYT portfolio reviews, fotofest in Houston, in the 3rd Latin American forum in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My work is currently exhibited at Miyako Yoshinaga gallery in NYC and a monograph of Other Stories was published spring 2018 by Autograph ABP.

:: Exhibition: 5 Oct to 18 Nov 2018
:: Guided photographer & curator tour: 5 Oct, Fri, 6pm to 7pm
:: Artist talks: 6 Oct, Sat, 2pm to 6pm
:: Slideshow Projection featuring Women Photograph: 8 Nov, Thu, 730pm to 9pm
:: Short Film Screening: 5 Oct to 28 Oct, 12pm to 7pm (screening starts on the hour, on loop)
:: Women in Film 2017 (10 to 13 Oct, 730pm)