Women in Photography 2018 Exhibition
Abaixa Que É Tiro | Camila Falcão

Abaixa Que É Tiro (Low Down that is Shooting) is a Portuguese expression used by the Brazilian LGBT community that means means ‘be careful because something really awesome/fabulous is about to hit you’.

More trans women are killed in Brazil than anywhere else in the world. 179 trans women were murdered in 2017. The invisibility of trans people in Brazilian society is so great that there are no official studies about this community. This makes the fight against violence and the promotion of human rights for trans people difficult.

I used to volunteer at CRD (Center for Reference in Defense of Diversity), in São Paulo, where I had constant and direct contact with many trans women. I realised there is enormous diversity with the trans women community, including different expressions of feminine identity. I saw this as an opportunity to bring this plurality to the surface by creating a positive depiction of trans women, and by contributing to the deconstruction of stereotypes and the construction of new and more realistic perceptions of these women.

In doing so, I make portraits of trans women that are transitioning or are not going to change, but are still women. ThusI invite the question: how do you define a woman?

About Camila Falcão
Camila Falcão was born and raised in São Paulo, in 2000 she got her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. She worked as an assistant to the photographers David Armstrong and Vik Muniz, when she lived in NY (2001/2004). When she moved back to Brazil, she started working as a production designer, as well as a freelance photographer. Her work has been published in Brazilian newspapers and magazines, and she has worked on national and international award-winning movies. Currently she has two ongoing projects; Abaixa Que é Tiro, in which she portrays the diversity among transgender women in Brazil and Onika, where she is documenting the transition of Onika, a 28- year old, Brazilian, black and transgender woman. In 2017 she was selected for an exhibition at the Valongo International Image Festival and for the portfolio review at Festival Errante. This year she was selected for the collective exhibition at Tiradentes Photography Festival, the IX Prêmio Diário Contemporâneo de Fotografia, 2018 Aperture Summer Open: The Way We Live Now, the 15th edition of the Salão Nacional Galembeck Photography and for the portfolio review in San José Foto. She was recently invited by the curator Juan Antonio Molina Cuesta to show some of her pictures in the Monumental Photo Festival next August. She is a member of Women Photograph and Native Agency.

:: Exhibition: 5 Oct to 18 Nov 2018
:: Guided photographer & curator tour: 5 Oct, Fri, 6pm to 7pm
:: Artist talk I: 6 Oct, Sat, 2pm to 4pm
:: Artist talk II: 6 Oct, Sat, 4pm to 6pm
:: Slideshow Projection featuring Women Photograph: 8 Nov, Thu, 730pm to 9pm
:: Short Film Screening: 5 Oct to 28 Oct, 12pm to 7pm, Lower Gallery
:: Women in Film 2018 (10 to 13 Oct, 730pm)