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Resemblance | Sukruti Anah Staneley

Resemblance is a photographic exploration of the human face which looks at the phenomenon of resemblance or the lack of it, between the adopted child and her adoptive parent. Through this project I aim to address the issues that surround adoption in India — this inevitably extends beyond our borders and is a combination of portraiture and personal histories.

As an adopted child, one would also notice, as I did, the resemblances or lack thereof within families. This project aims to photographically explore these differences or similarities. Is this an illusion, or is there some scientific basis to this ‘likeness’ we so often press.

This project is a response to the taboos and stigmas that surround adoption, either in the sense of deeming it an illegitimate means to forming a family by some, or swept aside owing to the numerous worldwide reports on malpractices and harms brought to the child during the process.

As the laws around adoption in India have become more centralised in the last few years, the one-on-one interaction between parent and child during the process has reduced; photographs are often how parents first meet their prospective child. This directly raises questions about how we think about creating a family, how much does a photograph tell us about the child and what are we really looking for in a child. Resemblance is often a theme that has a life-long effect on conversations in and around families with adopted children.


About Sukruti Anah Staneley
Sukruti Anah Staneley (b. 1990) is a Delhi-based photojournalist, born in Pune and raised in various countries across West Asia. She earned her Masters degree in Photojournalism at the University of Westminster, London. She has worked as a Photo Editor and is a writer at Feature Shoot focusing on projects in the sphere of documentary photography. Previously she was with The Caravan magazine, a long-form journal of politics and culture, run out of Delhi. She has been working on her project Resemblance over the last few years, focusing on the laws and stories that surround adoption in India that combine personal histories and portraits of families around the country. Additionally, she works on photo book design and is interested in creating books to preserve family archives.

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