Women in Photography 2017: Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase Slideshow Projection
Untitled | Nurul Huda Rashid

My mother told me that when she was younger, she was lazy and never really cared much for how she looked or acted. One day, she was in a rush but had to change her sanitary cloth because she was having a heavy flow. But as she was in such a rush, she forgot to properly wash her soiled cloth after changing it, and left it in her room. She got back later that evening and was alone because everyone else was out. The house felt weird. Upon entering her room, she saw a Cik Pon lurched over her table, licking at the soiled cloth she had left earlier, the blood, her blood. It looked up, saw her and shouted into her ears as it flew past her. She fainted instantly, until she was woken up by her mother, horrified to see her on the floor. Till this day, she cannot forget such a sight and has become almost paranoid about how she and myself handle our soiled sanitary pads.

Inspired by a story of a Pontianak licking the menstrual blood of a woman too lazy to dispose off her sanitary pad – a cautionary tale told to young women – this series illustrates the configurations through which women have thought about their menstrual blood – as told through society and ideological narratives – and as mediated through the policing of bleeding through its different states. Embodied through normalized tools of menstruation, these photographs subvert, silence, and aestheticize that which have been relegated to the realm of the ‘dirty’, that which resides within the female body. The female body, where life is made or broken. A lining.

About Nurul Huda Rashid
Nurul Huda is an educator, researcher-writer, and photographer for the most part of her everyday. Lecturing in different subjects across Anthropology, Liberal and Visual Arts, she commutes across different classrooms with a love for facilitation and performance. She is also a researcher whose interests focus on issues concerning the visual and sentient body, visual imagery and methodologies, narratives (text and the telling), and feminism. This often ties up with notions of identity, both as expressed through Self and Other. Her research interests are manifested through different mediums, in both text and the visual. She has exhibited in group exhibitions, published in anthologies featuring women’s stories, and is currently working on an ethnographic project entitled “Women in War”. In her free time, Nurul indulges in the expansion of her book collection, the documentation of poetic moments, and the fine-tuning of her hermit lifestyle.

Women in Film & Photography Showcase Programme
:: Women in Photography Exhibition: 13 Oct to 19 Nov
:: Guided photographer & curator tour: 13 Oct, Fri, 230pm to 330pm

:: Panel Discussion – Woman Photographer: 13 Oct, Fri, 730pm to 9pm
:: Artist talks: 14 Oct, Sat, 2pm to 430pm
:: Slideshow Projection featuring Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase: 15 Nov, Wed, 730pm to 830pm
:: Women in Film 2017 (19 to 28 Oct)