Women in Photography 2017 Exhibition
School of Hard Knocks | Bernice Wong

We often think of Singapore as a first world country, a country that fares amongst the top economically. Yet, what escapes most of our gaze and middle class imagination is that there still exists a class of people living on the fringe. Some are struggling but still trying to make the best of their situation, while others live defeated.

When I first met Mel in 2014, I was truly enamored by her larger than life personality and resilience despite her struggles and tribulations. Convict, drug addict, sex worker, victim of abuse – those were labels in her life pre-2010. Now, as a single mother to seven kids and a mentor to many other at-risk youths out there, she fights a daily battle to put food on the table for all her loved ones and with whatever little resources she has, to make the most of her future.

About Bernice Wong
Bernice Wong (b. 1988) is a documentary photographer based in Singapore. An avid traveller with a keen interest in social issues, she uses her work as visual stories to cast light on under-reported segments of society, with particular attention to the fortitude and fragility of the human condition.

In 2014, she was awarded top prize for “Themed Body of Work” as part of the CDL Singapore Young Photographer Award. Bernice was also later invited to be part of PLATFORM’s TwentyFifteen.sg initiative, which celebrates Singapore’s 50th anniversary, where she published her first photo book School of Hard Knocks. She was also selected for the Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase in 2015. More recently, she dedicates her time working with and documenting the marginalised and underbelly of Singapore society.

Women in Film & Photography Showcase Programme
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