Terra Animism: The Extended Sculpture
Held in conjunction with Dance of a Humble Atheist

6h over 2 sessions

Workshop Fee

Sun 20 Jan & Sun 17 Feb, 1pm to 4pm

Course Description
Clay is one of the most primitive and elemental materials. It offers endless possibilities for form making while allowing for the capture of imprints through surface memory, rendering textures and self-expression permanent. Animation, on the other hand, is the temporal display of a sequence of images in rapid succession so as to create the illusion of movement and sense of time.

This programme seeks to bring together the practices of clay sculpting and animation. Participants will learn basic clay sculpting techniques to create a sequence of objects or reliefs in clay. They will then be introduced to experimental stop-motion techniques to imprint these inanimate objects into a moving image.

No prior experience is needed and materials and tools will be provided. Participants should attend both sessions and will leave with a series of fired clay objects and a short animated clip. These workshops are suitable for ages 13 and above.


  • Introduction and walk-through of Dance of a Humble Atheist exhibition
  • Introduction to the natural origins of clay, the ceramic process and ceramics as an ancient craft
  • Demonstration of slab-rolling, relief making, texturing and carving of surfaces, and methods of sculpting a simple form in clay
  • Participants are invited to explore mark-making with a variety of tools
  • Participants will be guided in making up to six sequential objects or reliefs
  • Sharing of ceramic creations

Materials will be provided for this workshop.

  • Introduction to experimental animation techniques and artworks
  • Experimental stop-motion animation techniques: Morphing, Rotating, Flickering
  • Methods of digitally scanning ceramic reliefs and objects
  • Creating animation loops with Adobe Photoshop using morphing, rotating and flickering techniques
  • Participants will be guided in making short animation clips using their ceramic objects
  • Sharing of animation clips

At the end of this 2-session workshop, each participant will leave with a series of fired clay objects and a short animated video. 

This workshop will be conducted by Toh Hun Ping, the video artist behind Dance of a Humble Atheist, and Tricia Lim, an artist specialising in sculpture and ceramics.

Toh Hun Ping is a video artist and film researcher. His experimental video works express broad themes of resistance, travel, time, loss, and mental instability, and have been presented at international film festivals. As a film researcher, Hun Ping is interested in the history of film production in early-mid 20th century Singapore. He runs the Singapore Film Locations Archive.

A former visual arts teacher at School of the Arts, Singapore, Tricia Lim recently founded Pinch Ceramics Studio in Tai Seng, an arts studio where she practises, runs courses and assists artists in working with clay. Visit her website at tricialim.com.