Introduction to Studio Portraiture

3 Sessions / 11 hrs

Baffled by all the lights, accessories and equipment you need for a studio shoot? This introductory studio course aims to break down the mechanics of studio lighting for all photographers.

Through a blend of lectures, hands-on sessions and critiques, students will develop a grounding in practical lighting applications. We begin the workshop revisiting basic concepts in lighting and exposure. Demonstrations with tungsten lights, studio flash and available light will show students how to control contrast, direction and colour balance. We will also learn to stage different portrait settings to develop familiarity with studio lighting.


• Lighting considerations: metering, bounced lighting
• Orientation and safety with equipment
• Safety in the studio
• An overview of lighting equipment
• Basic studio set-up
• In-class practice: headshots
• Photo critique
• Modifications to lighting
• Full body shots
Directing your subjects
• In-class practice: full-length shots
• Multiple lights set up
• Works by other studio photographers
• Photo critique

Workshop fee: S$360


20 to 29 Jul 2017

Sean Lee (View Profile)

#1 20 Jul, Thur, 7.30pm – 10pm
#2 27 Jul, Thur, 7.30pm – 10pm
#3 29 Jul, Sat, 11am – 6pm (inc. lunch break)

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