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Revisiting Bugis Street: Street Portraiture Workshop 
Sat 30 Jun, 3pm to 7pm

Alain Soldeville is a French photographer known for his work in Asia, including the iconic Bugis Street series featuring portraits of transgender people in the Singapore neighbourhood in the 1980s. Four years after this project was exhibited at Objectifs in 2014, join Alain in revisiting Bugis Street for a hands-on street portraiture workshop.


The workshop will begin at Objectifs with a classroom session led by Alain, and will cover:

– What makes a good street portrait?
– Techniques of street portraiture, with reference to both Alain’s and other photographers’ work
– Working with available light
– Challenges of street portraiture, approaching subjects and building rapport

After short exercises in and around Objectifs to warm up, the class will head out for a guided shoot in the nearby Waterloo Street and Bugis areas. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the neighbourhood and practise street portraiture, with guidance from Alain.

The workshop will regroup at Objectifs and will end with review of images in a group, led by Alain.

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Workshop Fee: 

Notes: This workshop is recommended for those with an interest in street photography and portraiture. Basic photography proficiency is recommended. Participants are to bring their own cameras that they are familiar with, as well as any lenses and tripods they may like to use. Smartphones are also suitable.