How images circulate, operate, and are mediated

DEADLINE: Friday, 5 March 2021 (11.59PM SGT)

In this two-day workshop, we hope to bring together documentary photography producers in the field of the arts, media and non-profits to collectively think about the making and use of documentary photography. How is one influenced by what one sees around them? How do we see the other? How does this inadvertently affect what we produce? The workshop aims to give participants an awareness of how images circulate, operate, and are mediated. It aims to generate modes of working that consider the currency of photographs in specific contexts through classroom exercises, peer dialogue and a close reading of how images gain valency in contemporary media.

Participants can expect discussions with guest speakers such as artist and photographer Munem Wasif, who will speak about his artistic practice, and community worker, researcher and writer Kokila Annamalai, who will share about the complexities of representing marginalised persons in the context of her community work.

The workshop will be led by artist Wei Leng Tay and Objectifs programme director Chelsea Chua. It is complemented by a series of public talks.

Workshop fee: $50


Session #1 – Thu 25 March, 7pm to 10pm
Session #2 – Sat 27 March, 12pm to 5pm


Editors, photographers, artists, curators and media professionals who use documentary images extensively in their work. Examples of works that would be suitable for this workshop include but are not limited to personal photography projects, advocacy campaigns, curatorial proposals and ideas for publications.

This workshop is limited to 8 participants.  


As this is an in-person workshop conducted at Objectifs, participants need to be based in Singapore, and commit to attending both sessions.

Applicants should submit:

  • Their CV
  • A statement about their project and project visuals, if any
  • A statement of what they hope to gain from the workshop

The documents above should each be no longer than one-page, single spaced, 12-point font. 

Queries and applications should be emailed to

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