Photographs of the elderly, by the elderly

29 Jul – 15 Aug 2011

There is a strong stereotype of the elderly in society because much of our perceptions are shaped by media. Snap, Grandma! hopes to change that by showing the public images of the elderly taken by the elderly.

60 students aged 19 -21 years old from different local tertiary institutions participated in this movement. They approached the elderly around Singapore and taught them how to capture their daily living and things that are meaningful to them on digital cameras or phone cameras. Many participants taught their own family members while others approached elderly strangers who they met on the streets.

After the photography process, the elderly participants were asked questions about the significance and meaning of these images to them, thus creating opportunities for the students to further interact with the elderly.

The immediacy of a photograph and the narratives shared by the elderly enriches our understanding of the aging population.  It is also hoped that these visuals can serve to educate and to change the perception of society towards the aging population, so that the elderly can continue to inspire and contribute to the society.