Photo projects on home, by young photographers aged 15-18

1 to 31 Jul 2017, 11am – 9pm daily
Library@Orchard, Orchard Gateway
Admission: Free
Venue sponsored by National Library Board

Artist Talk: Sat, 9 Jul, 2pm – 4pm at Library@Orchard

This exhibition celebrates the works of nine young participants in the Shooting Home Youth Awards 2016. SHYA is a platform for students aged 15 to 18 to develop their photographic skills and ambitions.

The young photographers draw inspiration from their surroundings and issues close to their hearts, in this group show themed around ideas of home. They were mentored by Kong Chong Yew, Lim Weixiang, Bernice Wong, Ng Hui Hsien and Joseph Nair.

The exhibiting artists are Brian Teo, Jay Cheng Jing Qi, Sinegha Murugan, Thaddeus Ang, Karan Jaisingh, Nicole Lai, Leong Kit Ling, Lim Jun Sheng Wallace and Julia Smithing.

Read on below for more details on each of their projects.

The call for submissions for Shooting Home Youth Awards 2017 is open now. Apply here by 2 Oct 2017.

By Brian Teo

My work revolves around my seven-year-old cousin (god sister), whose father passed away three years ago. Despite her father’s absence, she continues to lead an ordinary childhood. Through this series of images, I aim to examine her daily routine and the importance of the mother’s role in the family.

Brian participated in SHYA 2016 as a JC1 student at Jurong Junior College, where he is current President of the Photographic Society. He is also in his third year contributing to the Student Correspondents’ Club at Lianhe Zaobao.

By Jay Cheng Jing Qi

During SHYA, I developed an interest in using portraits to visually capture the carefree attitudes of hawker centre patrons. Taking on the challenge of shooting without being noticed, I froze the carefree moments of people eating, their interactions and expressions. I hope that the audience will be able to relate to my photos, especially with Singaporeans’ love for food and the ubiquity of hawker centres in our lives. 

Jay Cheng Jing Qi participated in SHYA 2016 as a Secondary 3 student at Tanjong Katong Girls’ School.

By Sinegha Murugan

Missing someone. My grandparents. You were the ones who were like metal shields protecting me till I was with you, safely tucking me in your heart. I wish I could see you without closing my eyes…

Sinegha Murugan participated in SHYA 2016 as a Secondary 3 student at Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, where she is the head of photography and a student photographer in her school.

By Thaddeus Ang

Every time I go to the Toa Payoh Library, I walk past the void deck of Block 179 Toa Payoh Central, which has always piqued my curiosity. This photo series gives you an intimate glimpse into the daily routines of senior residents who spend most of their afternoons at the void deck. 

Thaddeus Ang participated in SHYA 2016 as a Secondary 3 student from Hwa Chong Institution.

By Karan Jaisingh

The series is an artist’s impression of the flipside of a basketball player’s daily life – it focuses on what goes on off the court. From the lunchtime scrimmages, to the homework, to the bicycle rides to the public courts, life isn’t easy for them.

Karan Jaisingh participated in SHYA 2016 as a Grade 10 student from the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA). For Karan, photography is a relief pill to every challenge he faces as a teenager. It has allowed him to get away from the pressure of forcing himself to study, to succeed in academics and perform in sports.

By Nicole Lai

In a world where self-harm is the second highest cause of death of teenage girls globally, it’s unsurprising that body image is such a pertinent yet complex issue. The insecurity, while so individualistic, seems to be something that affects the masses. That’s the problem isn’t it? That we think we are the only one struggling with this?

Nicole Lai participated in SHYA 2016 as a Year 5 student from Raffles Institution. She is an amateur photographer interested in humans and their inner workings, what we try to hide and the complexity of insecurity.

By Leong Kit Ling

Rice has always been the staple food of my family In this body of work I use rice as a stereotypical yet significant symbol to explore the tension in my engagement with Chinese culture as I know it.

Kit Ling participated in SHYA 2016 as a first-year student at Yale-NUS College. You can find her on Instagram at @kl.yl, or email her at

By Lim Jun Sheng Wallace

This project is focused around my younger brother who has mild autism and is very hyper-energetic. It is a project in which I capture the activities he does in his younger years from a brother’s perspective – an alternate perspective from what others might think.

Wallace Lim participated in SHYA 2016 as a Secondary 3 student from Westwood Secondary School. He has been taking photographs for over two years now, both as a school photographer and as a hobby.

By Julia Smithing

As a synchronised swimmer I am drawn to water. I was wondering how the emotions I feel and the beauty I encounter day by day could be captured by the camera lens. Each photo presented has its unique style around the topic of water, and they together aim to portray the essence of what water and swimming means to me. It is as much of a self reflection as a demonstration of the wonders of water sports.

Julia Smithing participated in SHYA 2016 as an IB Year 2 student from Stamford International School. She is a passionate swimmer who moved to Singapore from Hungary three years ago.