Photo projects on home, by young photographers

The Shooting Home Youth Awards (SHYA) is a platform for students aged 15 to 18 years old to develop their photographic skills and ambitions. Formerly known as Junior Shooting Home, the programme has been running since 2011, and has mentored 69 students to date.

Themed around the idea of home, the programme encourages participants to draw inspiration from their surroundings and the issues most important to them. As such the photographs address a variety of subjects that are close to the photographers’ hearts such as their families and friends.

The Shooting Home Youth Awards gives students the opportunity to build a strong portfolio, exhibit their work publicly, and network with industry professionals. Many of the participants have continued to pursue photography through their studies and on a professional basis.

They were mentored by Joseph Nair, Irvin Tan, Charmaine Poh, Grace Baey and Nurul Huda RashidParticipants took part in the mentorship programme over 3 weeks in Nov-Dec 2017. Their final projects were exhibited at the Library@Orchard (1 to 31 Aug 2018). 

Jean Low
The Traditional Bakery

I wanted to look into the daily process of making traditional bread and find out what precisely makes traditional bakeries such as Sing Hon Loong so distinctive.

Jean Low participated in SHYA 2017 as a JC1 student at River Valley High School.

Joanna Lee
A Teddy Bear Friendship

Teddy bears bring joy to people of all ages. Likewise, we should always cherish our friends for all the love and joy that they have showered upon us.

Joanna Lee participated in SHYA 2017 as a Secondary 4 student of Tanjong Katong Girls School.

Ong Kong Liang
Transparent Play

“Transparent Play” explores the nuances of performances that take place within the playground space.

Ong Kong Liang participated in SHYA 2017 as a Year 1 student at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Nur Sabrina Bte Fatta Jamol

These photographs attempt to depict the relationship between siblings that share a huge age gap.

Nur Sabrina participated in SHYA 2017 as a Year 1 student at Millennia Institute.

Joanna Tan
Tug of (Space) War

These photographs capture the day-to-day antics of what we do to occupy a larger territory or how we simply learn to live together harmoniously as sisters.

Joanna Tan participated in SHYA 2017 as a Year 4 student at River Valley High School.

Ethan Chng Wenxuan
Unseen Beauty

This series of photos is about exploring the airport’s daily life.

Ethan participated in SHYA 2017 as a Secondary 2 student at Zhonghua Secondary School.


Cleo Chua Jingyi

Through this series I look into my relationship with my grandmother through the objects which signify the memories of our interaction, along with the reminder that age is catching up to her.

Cleo Chua participated in SHYA 2017 as a Year 1 student at Millennia Institute.

Leong Kit Shan
Home Sweet Home

This is a short series on an animal shelter. The shelter houses hundreds of dogs and felines, and this number increases every year, due to the shelter’s no-kill policy.

Kit Shan participated in SHYA 2017 as a Year 1 student at Raffles Institution (Junior College).

Joyce Chua

Through my photography, I want to share our journey through clinical depression and the importance of friends.

Joyce Chua participated in SHYA 2017 as a Secondary 5 student at Junyuan Secondary School.

Brian Teo (SHYA 2016)
Qing Ming

My work revolves around the Qing Ming festival at Lim Chu Kang Cemetery, at a time where a large portion of the graves are going to be exhumed to make way for the expansion of the Tengah Air Base.

Brian participated in SHYA 2016 as a JC1 student at Jurong Junior College. Since then, his works have been published on Dou Hao and Lianhe Zaobao, with the Qing Ming Festival being his latest feature on 早报周刊.

Donn Tan

Donn’s wedding work is inspired by his obsession with visual storytelling, as he believes that there will always be something special in places where people are not looking.

Donn Tan is a Singaporean wedding photographer and 1/4 of Tinydot Photography.  He is also currently a Year 4 Photography Major at NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media.