Explore photography and film through hands-on short workshops!

10 short workshops

Course Description
School’s out! Join us at Objectifs for fun, hands-on workshops exploring different aspects of photography and film. Along the way, participants will learn about the possibilities of visual storytelling, make new friends and practise teamwork and problem-solving, and get to express themselves creatively and develop their unique voice!

These workshops are recommended for ages 7 to 16. No prior experience is required, and all materials will be provided. Participants can bring their own cameras if they wish.

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Cyanotypes are one of the oldest forms of printmaking, discovered in the 1840s. They have been used by scientists and architects for years to create “blueprints”. In this workshop, we will work with found materials from nature like leaves and flowers and explore how the sun is used in cyanotype printing. Participants will take home their very own artwork in a distinctive cyan blue!
In the days before digital cameras, there were pinhole cameras. Learn to make your very own camera using everyday materials and see how photographs are developed.
What makes for an interesting interview? Learn from a documentary filmmaker and producer how to research a subject, pose insightful questions, and capture their best angles in this hands-on video workshop.
Pixilation is a stop-motion technique where people become life-size “puppets” whose slight movements are captured frame by frame to produce an animated sequence. In this workshop led by award-winning animators, we will move our bodies and make creative use of everyday objects as costumes and props to create our very own animated story.
What are the elements needed to create suspense and surprise in a film? In this hands-on workshop, we will explore how we can make use of different kinds of shots, lighting, sound, pacing and editing to shoot a spooky scene!
Did you know you can ‘paint’ with light? In this workshop, we will look at how light is captured when we use different shutter speeds on a camera. This is known as long exposure photography. We will learn about the role of light in photography, and how to set up a camera on a tripod. Then, it’s time to use your imagination to ‘paint’ what you’d like, and capture it on camera!
Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to films in post-production to create a sense of realism in the stories we tell. Led by a professional sound recordist and designer, participants will make use of everyday objects to create their very own soundscapes to accompany silent short films.
We’ll begin with a guided shoot in our neighbourhood where you’ll capture whatever strikes you. After that, get your photos printed and turn them into your very own photo zine! 
What is visual storytelling? In this workshop, we will look at photo stories and learn how to plan a photo story. Using toys and our environment, we will practise making a photo story, and edit our completed stories together to see how we can make them more interesting. Don’t hesitate to bring along your favourite toys! After this workshop, you’ll be equipped with basic skills to tell photo stories about the world around you.
Animation is about bringing characters to life. In this workshop led by award-winning animators, participants will learn how to develop a well-rounded, interesting character, and create it in the form of a cutout puppet they can bring home with them. Next, they will use a free mobile app to create a stop-motion sequence featuring this character cutout, and will end the session with a screening of their original works.  

Shirly Koh, Kong Chong Yew, Mysara Aljaru, Jerrold Chong, Jia Lee, Cheng Lijie, Lim Ming Rui, Aditi Shivaramakrishnan 

Covid-19 Health & Safety Advisory and Measures*
Please note these workshops will take place offline, at Objectifs. The following measures will apply:

  • Maximum class size of eight participants + one instructor
  • Participants to wear face masks throughout and to be seated at least 1m apart from each other
  • Instructors to wear face masks, or face shields are permitted while they are teaching and they must maintain a distance from the participants
  • Frequent sanitising of equipment and commonly touched surfaces
  • Sign-in / sign-out required via the SafeEntry app and temperatures will be taken

*Please refer here for our full advisory on health and safety in light of Covid-19. These measures are based on the latest government guidelines, and are subject to further changes. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@objectifs.com.sg with further queries or concerns.

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Workshop Fees:

  • Fun in the Sun! Cyanotype Printing: $90
  • Pinhole Photography: $90
  • Junior Interviewers: $70
  • Let’s Get Moving! Pixilation Workshop: $90
  • Shoot a Spooky Scene!: $70
  • Light Painting: $60
  • Fun with Foley Sound: $70
  • Make a Photo Zine!: $90
  • Storytelling with Your Toys: $60
  • Intro to Stop-Motion Animation: $90