Unspoken Words


Unspoken Words is a collection of photographic works paired with writings that follow a protagonist’s struggle to find their footing and purpose. Through this publication, Rayman aims to offer a glimpse of the world from his coloured lens— of openly hidden scenes composed through a delicate balance between environment and people in tandem with things that exist for a fraction of a moment, constantly shifting with time.

About Rayman
Rayman is an artist who explores notions of reality through mediums of film and photography. Intrigued by beauty in imperfection in our perceivable world, he attempts to investigate the duality and dichotomy between what is deemed to be naturally realistic and that which is regarded as fiction.

His voyeuristic approach to camerawork enables him to capture raw and genuine moments, carving out a world of fiction through his highly stylistic edits and colors from scenes tightly knit to that which was real. Based in Singapore, his works have been featured locally and in Korea where he was selected to exhibit at Incheon Port International Photo and Film Festival (2021).

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BY Rayman
YEAR 2022
DETAILS Extent: 84 pages selfends + Case
Page: 200gsm matt Artpaper (4CX4C)
Case: Gloss Lamination (X 0C) on 150GSM Artpaper (4C)
Hardcover Board: 1.5mm
Binding: Thread Sewn
21.1 cm x 16.5 cm

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