TwentyFifteen 20/20: TRANSITIONS


From the introduction of the book, “As a documentary photographer, capturing the decisive moment is one of my mantras. But I wanted to show more than one moment in a single photograph…Transitions brings these concepts together and uses still images to show changes in light, movement and people. It is a change measured in hours, one we often don’t notice because we rarely stand still long enough to observe it.”

The founders of Platform – Tay Kay Chin, Darren Soh, Ernest Goh and Leonard Goh – initiated TWENTYFIFTEEN to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence. 20 photographers have been chosen to create 15 images each, with a folio published for each photographer in the months leading up to August 9, 2015. August 9, 2015. 

BY Bryan van der Beek
COUNTRY Singapore
YEAR 2015
DETAILS 38 cm x 28 cm; 36pp