Substation Chapbook #2 – A Spectacular Liberal Exception


Issue 02 features an essay, ‘Spectacular Liberal Exception’, by Ho Rui An. It uses the example of Speakers Corner and Pink Dot SG as a space of liberal exception: “a space of belonging for those who do not belong; by that logic, it is also the enclosure that maintains the space outside as one of exclusion.”

Launched in conjunction with the Substation’s Discipline the City activities is a series of chapbooks that provide diverse responses to the theme. Edited by Adeline Chia, Associate Editor of Art Review Asia, formats range from essays to photography and illustrations. Content includes topics as specialised as the architectural and urban planning aspects of spatial organisation, to the cultural and social aspects of discipline, such as how bodies and sexualities are policed.

Issues were released monthly from May – September 2017.

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BY Ho Rui An
COUNTRY Singapore
YEAR 2017
DETAILS Softcover, 23pp

14.6 cm x 12.8 cm

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