Silenced Minority: Photographs from Singapore’s General Elections 2015


Silenced Minority is a curation of photographs from Singapore’s 2015 General Elections. This book is consigned to posterity – for our imperfect memories, for our children and for a historical documentation of a Singapore lesser represented in mainstream media. Each night on the campaign trail, the overwhelming thousands who attended opposition rallies left PAP supporters in the shade. Their energy and online opinions also seemed to have silenced the right-winged. Alas, all that fervour translated not into votes but into a deafening defeat. Silenced Minority records a little of our nation’s realities, her rifts and her growing pains. It bears witness to those who spoke, those who came, those who listened and gave their part for a better Singapore.



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BY Mindy Tan, Seah Yu Hsin, and Chen Wansheng
YEAR 2015
DETAILS Softcover
24.1 cm × 30 cm, 222pp

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